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The Original Smelly Dog Shampoo

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Smelly Dog Advanced Pet Products That Really Work

Pet owners share a common bond. We all love our pets and that love is unconditional. But if our pets had less odor in our homes and around family, it could improve the experience of owning a pet.

Reducing pet odors does not just benefit humans. Excessive or strange odors can be a sign that the health or nutrition of your pet is not at its best. Identifying and reducing pet odors at their source, can lead to a healthier environment for the pet and for owners.

Don’t be fooled by the cute name. Smelly-Dog pet products use serious ingredients and proven science to create products that really work. This is what lead to the development of Smelly-Dog Super Deodorant Pet Shampoo.

Eventually, this same approach was applied to the development of other Smelly-Dog soft-chews.
Smelly-Dog products are designed to:

  • * Identify a problem, address that problem, and provide a healthy function to help your pets own ability to maintain a healthy state.
  • * At the same time, if possible, to help reduce pet odors.

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For more detailed information, please go to the “About” page and visit the “Our Products” section.

Smelly-Dog: Advanced Pet Products That Really Work.

I have a french bulldog, Zara and we live in Switzerland. When i saw this website i got realy curious about the shampoo and decided to order and try it. The shampoo arrived directly to my house in a short time and i tried it on Zara. I was very impressed because it really works! After the bath my frenchie stills smells clean and fresh after 2 weeks!!! Its amazing, so i can really recommend this shampoo. Smelly dog Shampoo is the BEST shampoo ever!

Cooper gets really hyper when my husband leaves the house.
When we give him SmellyDog Calming formula it really helps with his separation anxiety.

Xena is a Miniature Pincer. Her short hair gets oily and she gets that doggie smell. I’ve tried a lot of different shampoos, but the clean effect only lasts for a couple days. When I use SmellyDog Shampoo she stays smelling clean for a couple weeks. It really works!

I never thought that Lola was a Smelly-Dog, but after she got a bath with Smelly-Dog Shampoo she smelled so fresh and clean. Now she also gets the Smelly-Dog skin & coat chews. They really seem to help keep her shedding normal.

Remi is a young dog with a lot of energy. He’s a good dog but has trouble focusing during training classes. I tried SmellyDog Calming soft chews and he’s making real progress at doggie school.

We like the way Max’s hair feels after using SmellyDog shampoo. He’s just a puppy, so It feels good to know that it’s made with only food grade ingredients.

Our kids love to play with Peluchin, but he is a little dog and sometimes get really hyper. He also gets nervous when we leave him alone, barking and chewing things. We tried using Smelly-Dog Calming chews and it helps.

Maggie is getting older and has had some digestive problems, sometimes constipated and other times with diarrhea. We tried changing her food but it didn’t work. Now she gets SmellyDog Digestion Formula soft chews and it really helps with proper elimination.

Seamus had a nasty bacterial skin infection. The shampoo helped to reduce the itching which allowed his skin to heal more quickly. He also smelled really fresh and clean much longer than usual after his bath.